George Johnston-Purvis

Assistant London Office

George’s journey into the world of entertainment began at Bristol University where he earnt a Master’s degree in philosophy. During this time, he integrated his pre-existing obsession for Film and TV, which he had been immersed in since a young age, with his academic pursuits. Embarking on various extensive projects, which interrogated Films and TV shows, George’s appreciation and fascination for the industry deepened, particularly within the realm of actors and acting.

Having been involved in various production roles, George realised his true calling lay on the agent’s side of the business – stemming from his deep-seated interest in actors and the intricacies of their craft. Fuelled by an aspiration to discover and nurture talent himself in the future, he is excited by the unique opportunity to learn these nuances from established agents at YOU Management.

With his enthusiasm and background in assisting, George is dedicated to contributing to the continued success and growth of YOU Management. His goal is to assist agents maximise talent and ensure clients thrive within the agency.