2020 Graduates feedback

Lewis Lockwood - Guildford School of Acting

" Since my first meeting with Kiri, I knew YOU Management was going to be a supportive and enthusiastic agency, and I was absolutely right! Kiri is friendly, approachable and easily accessible whenever I need her, she gives great advice and is always there when you need someone to talk to. Having been with YOU for just under 10 months I have been submitted and auditioned for many exciting Theatre, TV and commercial work and I have recently signed a dream contract and thank them so much for the opportunity and helping me all the way, I can’t wait for an exciting future with YOU! "

Alice Frances - Mountview

" I met Terence after my second final year show and signed with YOU Management shortly after. From my first meeting with Terence I immediately felt that he had my best interests at heart. Terence took a real interest in understanding my strengths and my preferences within the industry. 2020 has certainly been a challenging year for our industry but I am so pleased with the amount of communication I have with Terence and the opportunities he is exploring for me. Despite our industry being closed for many months I have recently had an opportunity to take part in a live theatre performance and was so pleased that Terence came to support me and some of the other YOU Management clients in the same show. I really feel that Terence and YOU have been so proactive for their clients in such a difficult period; offering a very personal representation. I am so happy with my decision to choose Terence and YOU to represent me. "

Jason Morley - Graduate ALRA South

" I’m glad I chose to sign with YOU Management this year. Georgia has been nothing but supportive, friendly, and professional. She’s had a lot of experience working within the film and TV sector so her advice has been invaluable! The agency has a real family vibe about it and everyone on the team is always approachable. Terence and Georgia showed so much support for me by both coming to watch my final performance at ALRA South. Their dedication to their clientele is second to none! I'm excited to be working with YOU and can't wait for what 2021 will bring. "

Elizabeth Coverdale - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

" I'm so glad to be signed with You Management. From my first meeting, I loved how friendly and supportive the environment was and it felt like a family. Terence has worked so hard and helped me with audition tapes throughout lockdowns, and I'm very grateful for so many varied opportunities that have in turn allowed me to carry on developing as an artist even as a graduate in these current times. The communication and social media engagement and personal support are brilliant. Thank you! "

Jemima Scott - Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

" YOU management really go above and beyond for their roster. I have had a range of auditions and have felt that no opportunities in any sector of the industry has been held from me, they really do cover it all! Not only is the management fantastic but they are also very reliable as I have never had to wait for a response from my agent whether it be about headshots or song choices for an audition; she has always been more than happy to help! Another massive bonus for me is that they are very personable and had been super approachable and supportive throughout my time at YOU management. "

Karen Wilkinson - Mountview

" 2020 has been tough for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped YOU Management from finding lots of ways to keep their clients motivated over this period. YOU are an agency that’s committed to it's clients and are dedicated to finding a wide range of work for every performer on their books. "

Jacob Powell - Graduate Rose Bruford College

" Signing with YOU Management has been such a lovely and positive experience all round! From the first meeting all the way up until today I have felt incredibly supported and part of a wonderful community of artists and creatives, which for me has been so important especially during these uncertain times. I always feel I can get in touch with Georgia and that she always has time for me and is always encouraging with everything I do! I look forward to what the future holds working with the team at YOU Management! "

Lucy Whitney - Guildford School of Acting

" "It's fair to say that graduating drama school in 2020 has been a tricky ride so far however, Kiri and everyone at YOU Management have given endless support and motivation to keep pushing. Communication between agent and client is so highly valued and for that I am extremely grateful to be with YOU. "

Industry Professionals feedback

Annemarie Lewis Thomas - Principal MTA

" We have several graduates represented by Terence and his team at YOU Management, and it has to be said that their feedback of his agency has always been extremely positive. They particularly like how they will always get a response from him within a reasonable time frame. It might seem like a simple thing, but sometimes it can make a huge difference to how you feel about an agency. We look forward to sending more clients their way over the years. "

Steven Sparling - Industry Expert

" In my dealings with YOU Management, I always found Kiri, Terence and the rest of their staff to be professional, ethical, enthusiastic and laser-focused on the success and happiness of their clients. They are interested in the long-term career building of their clients, rather than short-term financial gain and so are particularly strong at developing performers once they finish their training. Their focus on both the UK and German/European markets is a particular strength and opens up a wide playing field for their clients. Finally, the fact that they all have a performing background means they have extensive networks and understand the highs and lows of being a performer. I have recommended them to students in the past and would have no hesitations about recommending them to students in the future. "

Laura Hussey - Client and London Studio Centre teacher

" I've been acquainted with YOU management now for about three years. First as a teacher of auditioning students and now as one of their Artists. What I love about Terence and Kiri is that they really take the time to get to know you as a person, as well as an artist. What you want from your career is just as important to them, as where their expert eye can place you. Their support, encouragement and advice is invaluable in an industry where you can feel very alone. I'm always thrilled when one of my students are chosen by them as I know they are being guided by professionals .....and as a mature artist with thirty years of experience myself, I know how invaluable that can be. "

Francisco Del Solar- Royal Academy of Music graduate 2016

" Having an agency that can combine working in the Uk and Germany is incredibly useful and Terence and his Team are a dynamic group of people that is always there to help me very quickly. I recommend them to anyone looking for excellent representation. "

Priscilla Binnersley - Urdang Academy Graduate 2015

" I have never had such supportive agents. After working in the industry for 3 years, I decided to take some time off and have a break, and was worried how this would effect my career, since some agents see that as 3-4 months of no money. Terence, Kiri and the team were incredibly supportive and helpful, allowing me the time I needed, checking in on me, and always there for a chat when I needed it. They don't just care about the money, they actually want to work with you and help guide your career in the way you want it. They are real people that understand their clients on a personal level. I think it's so important to have a personal relationship with your agent, where you can be honest whilst remaining professional, which YOU Management most definitely are! Thank you Terence and Kiri for your ongoing support and patience, and I am so grateful to be represented by YOU. "

Jacob Yolland - Guildford School of Acting graduate 2017

" YOU Management have helped create a great start to my career. Not only in securing contracts, but in simply getting me through the door to see so many different and high profile creatives. They make a great team and are lovely to work with. "

Ben Reynolds - Mountview graduate 2011

" I joined the YOU Management family in 2016 and have had the pleasure of seeing the agency grow from strength to strength. Terence has been nothing but a pillar of support for me and my career and has opened so many doors for me and opportunities to work with different directors and choreographers. Both Terence and Kiri are incredibly personable and have always been at the end of the phone when I needed them, this personable touch really makes them stand out for me. I am truly thankful to be part of this family and continue to look forward to watch what the future holds for me and YOU Management. "

Franklin & Bailey - London Headshot Photographer

" We have worked closely with YOU Management for a number of years now and have found them to be a very proactive and friendly team. We believe an important trait of an agency is that they are able to build rapport and trust with their clients, and the team at YOU Management appear to achieve this. We always strive to achieve the strongest images for all of YOU Management’s clients and value the agency greatly. "

Phil Reeve - Director of "Polar Express"

" We are still very busy giving feedback to workshop attendees, but wanted to break off and say how very impressed we were with the standard of performers you put forward. Excellent people and just a pity that we haven’t the places for them all. Great communications and co-operation too. "

Charlotte Coggin - Urdang graduate 2015

" Since graduating in 2015, Terence and the YOU Management family have continued to support me through auditions and my career, providing me with endless opportunities. Terence has travelled to Manchester and even Vienna this year to attend my Premiere and I am forever grateful for his ongoing support. The professional yet friendly feel of the agency makes me feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone or drop an email about anything regarding my career which is everything I could look for in an agent. Thanks to YOU management I am travelling the world doing what I love! "

Amy Gough - Arts Ed graduate 2010

" YOU Management have been nothing but supportive and encourage their clients to take control over their career. They are friendly, approachable, always available to communicate and above all truthful. If you work for them, they will do everything to work for you. "

Grace Simmons - Italia Conti Graduate 2013

" YOU Management was my first agency when I was a new graduate and have been happily working ever since! Terence is completely approachable and really respects your professional wishes - at times he can seem more like a friend than an agent! I'm very glad I signed with YOU Management, and always recommend them to my friends in the industry :) "